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A is for Appalling!

Today I read about a campaign, A is for, which is all about women’s rights. The big issue now is Planned Parenthood. Supporters of Planned Parenthood say that it gives much needed health care to women. One of the very vocal supporters is Sandra Fluke who believes that our government should not only provide funding but that insurance companies should be forced to cover birth control, abortions, and even gender reassignment surgery. I could go on for hours about the disgrace that is Planned Parenthood. Any and all good that they do is completely voided by the illegal and immoral things that they are accused of in more than a few states. The investigations I have read have made me absolutely sick. 

So celebrities have started the A is for campaign to rally women to the idea that this is all about their health care. The issue I have with Planned Parenthood is NOT about health care for women. I keep hearing women say that they have a right to do with their body whatever they chose and I agree. However, there are consequences in life that we can’t avoid. If I choose to eat junk food and not to exercise can I look down at my body and chose not to get fat? Of course not, that is ridiculous. If I chose to drink and then drive can I also chose not to endanger people’s lives? Nope. Now I am not saying that a baby is a consequence of bad behavior. All I am saying is that it happens, we all know this. I wish with all my heart that children were only given to women that were ready and willing to be mothers but that is just not the case. When a child is conceived that body belongs to the child. The women has a scared responsibility to do her best to take care of that baby. If you are not ready to have a child then by all means use birth control, condoms, don’t have sex, or carry the baby to term and place the baby up for adoption.

I know that there are situations where the mother’s life is in danger, there are complications for the baby, also I know that an abortion may be wanted in the case of rape. I think that an abortion should only be the answer after serious prayer and counseling from a spiritual leader. In those cases I pray for comfort for all involved and those situations are private between the woman and the Lord.

The attitude that abortion is a choice and a women’s right is appalling to me. No woman has the right to discard another human being just because a pregnancy is unwanted or inconvenient. I also cannot believe that any one is allowed to vote whether or not a child that survives an abortion attempt gets medical treatment. The fact that this happens breaks my heart. So it is to those women who think abortion is just another choice like whether or not to wear heels that I say A is for appalling!

Isn’t that humiliating?

I was speaking to a dear teacher I know. She has always told me the importance of classroom management. It seems like common sense to me. You have help children learn to follow rules and control themselves so they can succeed in society and as adults. If you do not have rules and consequences then there is chaos in the classroom and learning is hindered. When I was in school if you acted up your name was written on the board with a check added for each time you misbehaved. I was not worried what my classmates thought. I was worried that I disappointed my teacher and that I would have to face my parents. I was embarrassed by the way I acted and knowing that I had been taught better. When you are older if you do not follow the rules you can be kicked out of college, fired from a job, or even thrown in jail.

This teacher assigns each student a number. When they misbehave she quietly asks them to make better choices before telling them to move they clip to the “Oops” level. She is teaching them that behavior is a choice. You can choose to follow the rules and if you do not then you are choosing the consequence. A parent asked her, “Isn’t that humiliating?” My question for that parent is, “Are you serious?” Teaching our children self discipline and making good choices is our job as parents. If you fail to do this because you are worried they might be embarrassed then you are failing as a parent and failing miserably. What is humiliating is your child having discipline problems throughout school, college, and then not being able to hold down a job because they were never taught to behave. I am sure living with their parents because they do not know how to function as an adult won’t be embarrassing in the slightest. Give me a break!

Before I upset anyone I know that there are exceptions. I know that some children have special circumstances in their home life or perhaps mental or physical issues. I am not talking about those children or their parents. 

No H8!

My husband and I are both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We were married in 2008 in Utah and afterwards I moved to California where he lived. Prop 8 was all over the news. Members of my church were urged to help the cause of passing Prop 8.  People may think I am blindly following the leaders of my church and not thinking for myself. They would be wrong. I have prayed and continue to pray about my church and its teachings. I do believe the leaders of my church to be called of God. When they speak, I listen, and I believe that they speak God’s will. I still pray within my own heart that I can know if what they say it true. My beliefs all come from my personal relationship with my Father in Heaven. I pray about everything and when or if I receive confirmation it becomes part of me and my testimony. I gave Prop 8 a lot of thought. I stood out with my sign that read “Yes on 8.” I was proud to do so. I was yelled at and called names by people preaching “No H8.” 

Nowadays the thought seems to be that if you stand for traditional marriage that you are anti-gay. They say that standing for traditional marriage means you are denying another human being their rights. That is not the way I see it. I believe that God and not the Government created the institution of marriage. It is a union that the government chooses to recognize. I would never vote to give the government power to change the definition of marriage. I honestly think that this issue will not go away and that people will fight until gay marriage is recognized in every state. With that being said I am grateful for their right to do so. I have nothing but respect for people who are fighting for a cause they believe in. I am just doing the same, fighting for what I believe in.

If the government wants to give same sex couples the right to file taxes together, have insurance together, let partners visit each other in the hospital or any other right that is the governments to give I am all for it. The title of marriage is not something they have rights to. 

When Amendment one was passed in my beloved home state of North Carolina I was shocked by the reactions I saw. There were people who said that voting to ban gay marriage meant that you were judging gays and that was one of the nicer things that was said. I support and always will support the protection of traditional marriage but I do not hate or judge gay people. I have friends who are gay and I have been acquainted with people who are gay. It doesn’t make any difference to me or bother me in the slightest. Truth be told I have never met a gay person that I didn’t like. I do not chose friends based on a persons sexual orientation. I do not think I am in any way a better because I am straight. I do not think I am more likely to go to Heaven than a gay person. I do not believe gay people will go to hell. I believe that we will all stand before God to be judged of our works and who we have become in this life. I have sins of my own to worry about and more than I can even count so I leave the business of judging someone to the only one qualified to do so. I do believe that some people are born gay and that others choose to be. I have met both types. There is no one in my life that I wouldn’t continue to love the exact same way if they told me that they were gay. If I have a friend who is gay and they are not out to me I would invite them to put me to the test.

There may be Christians out there who disagree with me. The could very well be and probably are people out there who think those things about gay people, judge them or treat them badly. I am not one of those people nor do I associate with anyone that would. To think of the few gay people that I know and to imagine someone being cruel to them makes me sick. I would not stand for it and I would fight shoulder to shoulder with anyone else to protect them or any other gay person.

Now this business of Chick Fil-a. Mayors and other officials wanting to block the business because of the personal beliefs of the owner is wrong. I can’t believe that Americans would allow that! How can the people behind the No H8 and tolerance idea think that is the way to treat someone with different beliefs? Tolerance goes both ways. If the owner of Chick Fil-a said he refused to serve gay customers or hire gay people to work in his stores I would join in the boycott. That is not what he said.

To my friends who are fighting for gay marriage, I say keep fighting. If you believe that gay people should be able to marry and it is important to you then never give up. Even though I disagree I will always respect your opinion and admire you for fighting for what you believe in. I wish for the same respect. Even though people disagree on this issue we should all agree that it is never acceptable to bully or be unkind to someone that believes differently.

I didn’t write this to start a debate. I just wanted it to be known that while I support traditional marriage that I am not anti-gay. If anyone wants to have a respectful discussion to explain to me why they believe the way they do I am open to it. I am wiling to listen to all sides of any argument. There’s my two cents. I hope this make sense. I wrote it while watching the news and with Sammy screaming because he didn’t want to go to bed.

That’s always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they’re pretty. It’s like picking your breakfast cereals based on color instead of taste.
John Green in Paper Towns (via noplainjayne)
Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength. ~Eric Hoffer
Let the more loving one be me.

The More Loving One

 Looking up at the stars, I know quite well
 That, for all they care, I can go to hell,
 But on earth indifference is the least
 We have to dread from man or beast.

 How should we like it were stars to burn
 With a passion for us we could not return?
 If equal affection cannot be,
 Let the more loving one be me.

 Admirer as I think I am
 Of stars that do not give a damn,
 I cannot, now I see them, say
 I missed one terribly all day.

 Were all stars to disappear or die,
 I should learn to look at an empty sky
 And feel its total dark sublime,
 Though this might take me a little time.

— W H Auden

This poem was mentioned in an episode of Felicity I watched today. I love that show! It brings back memories of a little apartment in Fayetteville where Erica and I watched a marathon of the whole series. Anyway, I see someone I know or have known in each of the characters. Love that it is on Netflix! Love that I can call my sister and agonize over every episode again! :)


Marvin Williams on Roy Williams


Marvin Williams on Roy Williams

Double Trouble

I smell that one of the boys needs a diaper change.

Me-“Ry did you poopy? You need a diaper change.”

Ry-(Shakes head) “No”

Me-“Sammy did you go poo poo?”

Sammy-(Looks at Ry) (Ry shakes his head as if to warn Sammy to deny) “No”

Is fat really the worst thing a human being can be? Is fat worse than vindictive, jealous, shallow, vain, boring, or cruel? Not to me.
J.K. Rowling (via noplainjayne)